Servo Drives

New Digitax ST Flexible 1.5 Axis Servo DriveDigitax ST Group

230 / 460 Volts

1.7 – 8.0 A rms (5.1 – 24 Peak)

Meeting the demands of modern lean manufacturing environments requires smaller more flexible machinery. Digitax ST is the first drive designed to help machine designers and system integrators meet these challenges; optimized for servo applications requiring high peak torque, dynamic response, ease of use and flexible integration features. Four product variants ensure that the drives capabilities perfectly match your servo applications.

Epsilon EP Compact 1.5 Axis Servo Drive

Epsilon EP

12 – 264 Volts

2.2 – 16.0 A rms (4.4 – 32 Peak)

This compact and easy to use servo drive is scalable from a simple amplifier to a completely programmable 1.5 Axis motion controller. The Epsilon EP comes in three flexible models, and five drive sizes — 2.2A, 4.0A, 6.5A, 9.0A and 16.0A. By listening to their motion control customers, the engineers at Control Techniques have incorporated advanced features and capabilities in the Epsilon EP family to make these drives more powerful and easier to use.

Unidrive SP Panel Mount RangeUnidrive SP Universal Servo Drive

208-230 / 460 / 575 / 690 Volts

1.3 – 156.0 A rms (2.3 – 273 Peak)

Unidrive SP (Solution Platform) offers a wide power range from 20-4,500 in-lbs and has the ability to control both AC induction vector motors and servo motors. User scalable option modules make the Unidrive SP extremely flexible and a good choice for applications requiring high torque and unique system requirements.

EN Series 1.5 Axis Servo Drive

90 – 264 Volts

4.5 – 13.0 A rms (9 – 26 Peak)

Driven by PowerTools Pro software, the EN drive can be customized by adding on FM control modules for increased functionality.

The base EN drive can be easily controlled with single and multi-axis controllers, PLCs and host controllers for medium power applications.

Servo DriveMDS Series Modular Drive System

187 – 528 Volts

4.0 – 34.0 A rms (8 – 68 Peak)

The Modular Drive System, MDS, is a powerful and cost effective solution for applications with multiple axes. The MDS employs a unique backplane architecture that provides a common bus platform for one of three sizes of power modules and up to eight drive modules.